Tips For Creating Great Videos

Videos are the wave of the future.  In fact, almost every single device that we own will have some type of video recording option attached to it.  These include our cell phones, computers, even our doorbells have a camera on them.  With all of these options to create video, hiring a great videography services new orleans la to really capture high quality video is a great option.

Find your subjects

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You really want to have a main subject in your video.  This can be a child playing, a car driving down the street or a couple getting married.  If you try to create a video without first defining your main subject, your video will be random and really confusing. 

Create your focus

Keeping your video in focus is key.  If you just start looking at items and moving your camera around it will kill your focus and make your video unwatchable.  When you find your focus, you want to have a steady hand and really just slowly move the camera.  Small slow movements are the best way to master the camera and keep focus.

Plan your shots

When creating a video, you want to plan your shots.  Planning your shots requires a lot of time and practice.  To begin with you want to scout the location.  You want to walk the area and using your eyes pretend you are the lens of the camera.  As you watch the location start putting the subjects into the space and play back events that you believe you will capture. 

Write down your marks

Once you plan your shots you want to write down your marks.  This will be locations where you will place your camera, stand and the times that these events will occur.  When recording live events such as parties, weddings and other events you will have a once or done chance to get that video.

Creating video is an art as well as a science.  With practice and a passion you can quickly make your mark in the video creation industry.