How Zero Tolerance For Dust Handled

You are cleaning out your workshop or factory areas until you are blue in the face. The accumulation of dust and debris on a daily basis would have been too much to handle if you had not introduced a few innovative and creative housekeeping and risk management tasks. You now work in three, four shifts a day, cleaning up the workshop area. It is as clean and free of dust and debris as it is ever going to be.

dust isolation

When he comes around as scheduled or unexpectedly, the health inspector would be as charmed as a ripe plumb cherry, ready to be plucked, and ready to be consumed. But no, not this time. He has brought along someone else. Something of a risk management expert, they say. Indeed, the premises do pass the inspection as far as cleanliness goes. Free of visible debris, to be sure. But not of dust.

You wonder how this is possible. After all, surely no one can see dust for dust, least of all you. No, what needs to happen next is this. They want to perform what is known as a dust isolation analysis. Indeed, they do tell you that you are not able to see the dust. But still, it is still there. It is invisible and it hangs in the air like a nuclear fallout cloud. And given the kind of operations being carried out on your stock premises, there is every possibility that it is carrying poison.

This poison in the air may not be coming from your premises. It is quite easily carried from the industrial lot next door, all depending on the wind direction. The dust isolation test is quite simply done really. All it requires is a handheld device.